Are You a Component Runner?


Component Runner, LLC is the SBC industry's largest and most experienced outsourcing company dedicated to serving MiTek customers component design needs, worldwide. We offer a wide variety of services. Those services include; Truss Modeling and Design, EWP Modeling and Design, Wall Framing and Panel detailing and full Material Estimating services using PlanSwift software.

Our company is comprised of industry design professionals (Project Managers) with a minimum of 10 years experience designing trusses using MiTek software.

Our company uses a design team concept with a Project Manager leading the effort for each customer and for each project. Their role is to communicate directly with the customer to create solid/professional working relationships with each of the customers assigned to them. They will learn the customers preferences and will manage the volume of work that comes in from each customer assigned to them. At first our PM's will do the actual design work until they are comfortable with the customers needs. At that point the PM will begin delegating the bulk for the modeling and design to our Design Team and they will check their work on a daily basis until the job is complete. This allows our PM's to be paid a higher rate for when they are overseeing the work as compared to doing the actual work themselves. This allows our PM's to increase their earning potential as they begin to delegate more work.

Component Runner Project Managers are independent component design preofessionals. They own and operate their own design business. Each of our PM's busiensses work under the corporate umbrella of Component Runner, LLC, providing them with many benefits.

Benefits of working with Component Runner, LLC

You are your own boss and control your schedule. While we need to be aware of the customers due dates, and we do our very best to meet and exceed our customers expectations, as an independent contractor, you set your own hours and work from your own home office. This freedom provides a quality of life that can't be acheived if you commute to an office with strict work hours.

  1. Component Runner, LLC provides a legitimate software licence for you to operate the MiTek software on behalf of the MiTek customers you support. Component Runner pays MiTek directly for this at no cost to you.
  2. Component Runner, LLC carries an Errors and Ommission insurance policy which covers our entire organization. This protection is offered to you at no cost to our PM's.
  3. Component Runner, LLC manages all aspects of accounting and will handle all invoicing and collections, allowing our PM's the ability to do what they do best which is design.
  4. Component Runner, LLC manages all marketing and the bulk of sales. This provides our PM's with a steady pool of customers to fill their plate with work.
  5. Component Runer, LLC has over 375 years of experience across our entire team. This excellent pool of talent is available to help each of our PM's when they become swamped with work and need help.
  6. Component Runner, LLC has created a Design Team which is available to our PM's to tap into to allow them to produce up to 4 times the amount of work than they could possibly do themselves, increasing their earning potential.
  7. Most importantly, due to Component Runner's financial strength, we pay our PM's every two weeks via direct deposit.

If you've ever thought about getting out of the rat race and becomming an independent component design consultant, but didn't know how to begin, this may be the opportunity you've been looking for.

Contact Us if you are interesting in learning more.

Please note: This opportunity is not available for people who are employees of another company. You must be an independent design consultant as Component Runner, LLC does not promote rogue designers nor do we recruit people from MiTek customers.


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